Freedom Of Movement:
We aim to provide an environment that is safe and secure for our residents, staff and visitors.
For this reason you will find that the front door to the Homes is alarmed and all visitors are requested to sign the Visitors book on arrival.  the furniture in your room includes a lockable facility for your valuables, and your room door is lockable from both the outside and the inside.

There is an alarm call system fitted into each room of the home, which is linked to a central control panel.  Please take the time to familiarise yourself with it and how it operates.

The outside of the home is equipped with security lighting, which automatically switches on during the hours of darkness when the Home is approached.
We do not restrict your freedom of movement around the Home in any way, unless a Risk Assessment specifies otherwise.  This applies to both inside and outside the Home while still on the property.

Please note, however, that on occasions for safety reasons we may need to temporarily restrict activity outside the Homes, for example where there may be a risk of slipping on icy surfaces in the winter months